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Welcome Gentle Troll Entertainment! Based on some 15 years of know-how we design and create your Serious Game for Web, PC and mobile devices.

We believe, games still hold vast uncovered potential to convey valuable information to players. We aim to use this potential for the better! That's why we have focused on making games, which explain complex correlations through play. They invite players to experiment, allowing them to reflect on their experiences and make their own deductions. At the same time, we avoid a wagging finger and emphasize on engaging gameplay instead to catalyze learning without removing fun, an important motivator. How does that works? Why not have a look at our award-winning mobile game "The Unstoppables" and see for yourself?

Are you sharing our vision and looking for a team to pour your concern into a Serious Game or Next Reality (VR / AR) application? Then, please, get in touch! We are eager to find out how we can help you best. We develop learning applications and games for teaching and school, customer retention, employee education and training, as well as for use in a scientific context.



We have awesome news for our studio! Our new project receives funding by FFF Bayern for the prototype development. “Dragon’s Roarmance” is a Dating simulation that takes place in the universe of our current project Tavern Talk.


We are beyond excited to let you know that we have been granted production funding for Tavern Talk by the German Games Fund! This brings us a huge step forward to making Tavern Talk a full-blown reality. We already have a Steam page with more information about the game.


Growing up in Germany means you are growing up with the ‘Maus’ and the ‘Elefant’! We are happy to announce that we now manage the ‘ElefantenApp’, a service of WDR. The app was specially developed to meet the needs and abilities of three- to six-year-olds and is free of charge. With it, they can discover the colorful world of the blue elephant with movies, stories, songs and games.


We are proud that our prototype of Tavern Talk receives funding from the FFF Bavaria!
In a world full of magic and fantasy there is a cozy place with magical drinks - the Wayfarer's Inn! Players take on the role of the tavern owner, who is famous for their open ear and extraordinary drinks that help adventurers pass their quest. A Talking Simulator with lot's of DnD humor and RPG hints.


We are very happy and proud that the educational game Klim:S21 got nominated in the category “Education” for TOMMI 2022!
This will bring more attention to climate change and what we can do about it!
The jury says that the game is about “an important topic that concerns and worries many children and young people. […] Every decision made decision has direct consequences and thus trains the understanding of cause and effect.”


Klim:S21 - an educational game on climate adaptation - is now playable for free via the official website! In addition to the game, further material is available for school lessons. The game was developed by Gentle Troll on behalf of rgeo.


The Escape Game “Space Transporters” is now released. Gentle Troll developed the Serious Game for the Joachim Herz Stiftung. The Foundation will present the game during the didacta in Cologne from 7 to 11 of June. The Educational Game teaches basic economic assumptions and is meant for students.


We proudly presented our upcoming Serious Game Klim:S21, developed for the PH Heidelberg, on the conference "One Planet Left" of Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur. WDR released an audio about the conference, climate crisis and Serious Games that meet this topic: One Planet Left: Spielen gegen die Klimakrise. Listen and enjoy!

Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur


Yay - NEPO Mission has been nominated in the category "Best Serious Game" for the DCP 2022. The game was created in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAIS and teaches you the basics of programming. NEPO Mission is free to play - just check out the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


We are TOMMInated! NEPO Mission is nominated in the categories "Education" and "App" and was developed with Fraunhofer IAIS. Spaceburgers is also nominated for "Education" and was developed for Bayern Innovativ. By the way, both games are playable for free: You can download NEPO Mission in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can play Spaceburgers here for free:


We are hiring for our team in Würzburg (Germany), and are looking for a talented artist, either as a Lead Artist or a Junior Artist.
We have a lot going on breaking into entertainment so here's your chance to put your art signature on some spicy indie games.
If you are interested in our projects and being on our team, tell us - we’d love to get to know you!
More information for the positions as Lead Artist or Junior Artist:


For everyone who wants to talk directly to us devs we have now a Discord server for the Gentle Trolls and all who love our games and our work. You can join via this link:


Ready to take off? Then let's go on your first mission to Mars with the learning app NEPO Mission!
The app, which Fraunhofer IAIS has developed together with Gentle Troll, allows children and young people to playfully program a virtual Mars rover based on "Rosalind Franklin", the real rover ESA - European Space Agency wants to send on the research mission ExoMars 2022. The game is now available in the stores for iOS and Android.


We made a nice littel trailer for the learning game "Spaceburgers - Journey to Green Haven". You can watch it here: And you can play the game here for free: (Both is in German)
The game was developed on behalf of ZD.B (part of Bayern Innovativ) to learn more about cybersecurity.


We are back with a cool article about Underdown in the kids SPIEGEL. It's mostly "how to make a game simplified". It's German only but with never-seen-before pictures of our dev work and some of us. Read it on the SPIEGEL Website.


The Serious Games "Spaceburgers" we developed on behalf of Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern earlier this year gets a release with a new tutorial and some improved features. You can play the game for free here (German only): Enjoy the ride!


Buying a ticket, finding the way to the right track, catching the train on time - all this is no problem for you? But what does it look like if you have an impaired vision? Find out if you can make the parkour through the train station in the learning game "Zug in Sicht". The game was developed by Gentle Troll on behalf of the initiative "Woche des Sehens".


Recently, not only TV Mainfranken did an interview with Michel, but also Süddeutsche Zeitung. He talked about our studio, but also about our serious games and our first entertainment title Underdown! So have a look and get some insight in the games industry!


"How Underdown Aims to Empower With Diverse Characters" - Brenda Zhang interviewed Michel Wacker about our first Entertainment Game Underdown! She reveals some cool aspects and talks about the unique and diverse characters in our game and about the engaging narration. Worth a read!


We couldn’t be more excited about finally sharing what’s the beginning of our biggest journey so far: We are currently working on our first debut title “Underdown”. You can have a look now at screenshots and the gameplay teaser of the finished prototype. Come join the discussion on our discord server and help us make an amazing game. The prototype was financially supported by FFF Bayern.


E-learning plattforms and serious game are more important than ever when normal school cannot take place! From now on many of our games, which we have especially developed for the use in school, are also available on the Serious Games Portal, including comprehensive information on how to use them. Have a look - it's worth it!


It’s time for the release of our newest project “Spaceburgers"! Players can learn more about cybersecurity in this funny and challenging game when they supply the crew of the I.S.S. Hamsterprise with tasty spaceburgers on the journey to Green Haven. The serious game is meant for employee training in companies and was developed for the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern.


February, we celebrate you! We will get Bavarian funding for the production of our first entertainment title Underdown! This is really, really great news for us as this will be the foundation to establish Gentle Troll as an entertainment studio. We are happy and proud that the jury of FFF Bayern gives us the thumbs up. We are looking forward to the production of Underdown!


School can do more than just provide specialist knowledge! In two computer-aided simulation games of MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung pupils can train their social and personal skills as well as their problem-solving competence in two different scenarios. Gentle Troll gave the learning games an attractive look and developed graphics, illustrations and animations of characters and the environment.


Are games just children's pastimes? Not in classical antiquity! There, all members of society were playing games: men, women, children, free citizens, slaves – and as lore says, even gods! The "Locus Ludi" project partners - the University of Fribourg and the University of Applied Arts Vienna - study four classical games. Based on their scientific results Gentle Troll Entertainment and Causa Creations develop the modern versions for computers and smartphones.


The browser game "How to Feed a Dragon" shows customers of the laboratory equipment manufacturer Brand the functions of the new HandyStep touch pipette. The player finds a dragon's nest and needs to feed the small, newly hatched dragons using the pipette. Each dragonling has a different need and grows at a different speed so the amount and content of the pipette must be chosen appropriately. If the player has done everything right, the dragons are big enough to fly away.


New member on board! We are happy that Lena supports Gentle Troll Entertainment as specialist for PR & marketing. In the future, she gives insights into our work as game developers and feeds the media and community with the latest news of our games.


With four interactive installations in the Archeology Museum Bad Königshofen visitors can now experience the life of the people in the Stone and Bronze Ages. The interactive stations complete the real exhibits and simulate historical conditions. They were developed for the reopening of the museum in compliance with the new showrooms designed by the architect's office Space4.


Just in time for Xmas season our latest game is hitting app stores: «Light on Earth» is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game about self-esteem, mindfulness and friendship developed on behalf of LerNetz AG for the Protestant-reformed national church of the canton Zurich.

Take some minutes off your busy day and dive into this atmospheric gem with outstanding art by Brian Main and heart warming music and effects by Filippo Beck Peccoz. Headphones recommended!


Fantastic: MeisterPOWER has been nominated for "Best Serious Game" at the prestigious Deutscher Computerspielpreis (German Video Game Award) 2018. The award ceremony will take place on April 10th in Munich. Naturally, we are super excited about the nomination, since it would be a big step for us to drive this baby home. Keep fingers crossed!

DCP Logo © Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur GmbH


"Radicalization" was the topic of this year's game jam organized by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. Our team (Gentle Troll & friends) created a game named "De-Republica", which picks up on current radicalization tendencies in politics: In this local multiplayer game, players have to push their increasingly perverting political agenda, secretly voting on various bills via their own smartphones. The aim is to achieve absolute power by radicalizing society.


We have kicked off this year with two additional partnerships with German universities: Besides our established cooperation with the junior professorship for Serious Games of the University of Ulm, we have now officially build up tighter relationships with the Creative Media Research and Development Group of the HTW Berlin. Moreover, we have partnered up with the Chair for Human-Computer Interaction of the University of Würzburg and are now looking forward to new collaborations on exciting Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality projects.


We were offered the fantastic opportunity to write up a development case study about our award-winning game „The Unstoppables“ for the internationally known Making Games magazine. Pick one up to catch a glimpse behind the curtains at Gentle Troll! (German reading skills recommended ;))


One of the first MeisterPOWER classroom playtests has received fantastic coverage by one of Germany's major craft-focused magazines. The article reflects pupils were engaged and learned valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and handicraft business. Mission accomplished! :)
Image © BWHM GmbH


It's here: our latest large-scale project, MeisterPOWER, is finally available! The Serious Game has been specifically designed for German school teaching and the learning progress is being scientifically measured by the University of Ulm – another huge achievement in the history of Gentle Troll!


We are very proud to announce that our English learning App Conni Englisch was picked by a jury of children and has won the 2nd place in the category "Best Apps" at the TOMMI software awards.


Very good News!

Our English Learning app “Conni Englisch” has received the GIGA-Maus award in the category “best learning game for children between 6 and 10 years”.
We’re proud and happy to win this award in view of the strong competitors! 😉


Our co-worker Moritz Krohn and his group "Bacteria Basejump" has won the Health-Hackathon with a simulation game which focus on the behaviour of antibodies in case of a pneumonia. Congratulations!


We are happy to announce "Conni Englisch" is nominated for the GIGA-Maus awards 2017.

Keep fingers crossed!


  • Award icon

    Klim:S 21

    • Climate Change
    • Climate Simulation
    • School

    The serious game "Klim:S 21" shows possible climate consequences that await us in the coming years. At the same time, it shows what measures we can take to protect habitats and nature. More...

  • Award icon

    NEPO Missions

    • Simulation
    • Programming
    • For Students

    In "Nepo Missions" players can go on a mission to Mars with the rover Rosalind and learn how to use the graphical block-based programming language "NEPO". The game is part of the Fraunhofer Roberta Initiative and was funded by the Impact Challenge. More...

  • Tavern Talk

    • Simulation
    • Visual Novel

    Tavern Talk is a cozy visual novel about running a tavern in a Dungeon and Dragon-inspired fantasy! Gather rumors, serve drinks, and meet adventurers on a life-changing quest. More...

  • Award icon

    The Unstoppables

    • inclusion
    • puzzles
    • adventure

    „The Unstoppables“ is an award-winning mobile game, letting the player experience the challenges handicapped people face every day More...

  • Grimms Curse

    • Roguelite
    • Fairytale
    • Prototype

    Grimm's Curse is a Brothers Grimm roguelite. Play a princess held captive by a mighty curse and fight hordes of cursed fairytale creatures. More...

  • Award icon

    Spaceburgers - Journey to Green Haven

    • Cybersecurity
    • Office Simulation
    • employee training

    "Spaceburger - Journey to Green Haven" is aimed at companies that want to train their employees on cybersecurity in an entertaining way. The game was developed by Gentle Troll for the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern. More...

  • Space Transporters - The Secret Supercell Mission

    • Escape Game
    • School
    • Resources
    • Economics

    The Escape Game "Space Transporters" teaches students how to deal with scarce resources and economic principles. More...

  • August Macke Kidditorial

    • jump'n'run
    • Kunst
    • Museum

    While playing three mini-games players go on a journey with August Macke and learn more about the time, art, and inspirations of Expressionism. More...

  • Basketball-Training-Manager

    • Simulation
    • Basketball
    • Sport
    • Schulunterricht

    "Basketball Training Manger" should help to prevent accidents in ball games by raising awareness of injury risks through simulated training and competitions. The game was developed by Gentle Troll on behalf of the Ulm University. More...

  • Fairweather Getaways

    • Management Game
    • Planning Simulation

    Help magical animals to escape oppression and persecution with your travel agency "Fairweather Getaways" and save the magic! More...

  • Light on Earth

    • adventure
    • mindfulness
    • self-esteem
    • friendship

    «Light on Earth» is an atmospheric puzzle adventure about self-esteem, mindfulness and friendship. More...

  • Zug in Sicht

    • Visual impairments
    • Simulation
    • Parkour

    In the game "Zug in Sicht" players can experience how to manage daily challenges like getting to a train and suffering from visual impairments like glaucoma or cataracts. The game was developed by Gentle Troll on behalf of "Woche des Sehens". More...

  • Underdown

    • Entertainment Game
    • Stealth Game
    • Turn-based
    • Mystery-Thriller

    "Underdown" is a turn-based tactical mystery-thriller mixed with a strong emotional journey about friendship, sacrifice and growth. More...

  • Award icon


    • scientific evaluation
    • made for schools

    This craftsmanship simulation teaches pupils useful skills from the school subject of ‘economy’ of the German state of Baden Württemberg. More...

  • Simulation Games for Students

    • Management Game
    • Simulation Game
    • School

    Gentle Troll developed graphics, illustrations and animations for two simulation games of MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung intended for school education. More...

  • Locus Ludi

    • Scientific
    • classical antiquity
    • board game

    In the project Locus Ludi the University of Fribourg and the University of Applied Arts Vienna study four games of the classical antiquity. Based on their results Gentle Troll and Causa Creations develop a modern version playable on smartphones and computers. More...

  • How to Feed a Dragon

    • lab work
    • playful
    • breeding animals

    The game "How to Breed a Dragon" was developed for the launch of the new HandyStep Touch pipette from the laboratory equipment manufacturer Brand. In order to get to know the functions, the player has to feed and raise little dragons with the pipette. More...

  • like2be

    • gender diversity
    • job placement
    • simulation

    „like2be“ aims to dissolve gender specific stereotypes related to jobs while teaching juveniles about lesser known career paths and life concepts of the modern working world. More...

  • Interactive Installation

    • museum
    • scientific simulation
    • interactive installation

    Four interactive applications developed in compliance with the new showrooms designed by the architect's office Space4 complete the real exhibits at the Archeology Museum Bad Königshofen and show the lives of people in the Stone, Bronze and Middle Ages. More...

  • Award icon

    Conni Englisch

    • learning english
    • Conni

    A contract work for Carlsen Verlag, this app offers German speaking children an easy entry into the English language. Three games playfully introduce around 60 words in spelling and pronunciation. More...

  • Award icon

    The Wunderglasses

    • hand painted
    • interactive
    • fantastical

    In the children‘s book app „The Wunderglasses“ the reader can put on a magic pair of glasses and watch the world of little Max turn into a whacky interactive adventure. More...

  • Award icon

    MoneyFit 2

    • handle money
    • planning simulation

    The browser game „MoneyFit 2“ teaches the player, intending to become a superstar, the sustainable use of limited resources such as his personal energy and money. More...

  • Sensigame

    • passenger
    • compliance
    • simulation

    The cross platform bus simulation "SensiGame" sensitizes passengers to considerate behavior on public transport. More...

  • Power Planner

    • alternative energy
    • planning simulation

    „Power Planner“ is an educational browser game about the challenge of delivering a fitting energy supply from (weather dependent) renewable sources for a fluctuating consumer demand curve. More...

  • System Blue

    • water shortage
    • simulation

    The multilingual browser game „System Blue“ aims to sensitize the player to the problems of distributing scarce water resources in less developed countries. More...

What our clients say

Unser digitales Lernspiel zur Klimaanpassung hat unsere Vorstellungen weit übertroffen. Das Team von Gentle Troll hatte für die Entwicklung unseres Spielkonzepts jederzeit kreative Ideen und hat bei der Umsetzung des Designs mit viel Liebe zum Detail gearbeitet. Vielen Dank für die Zusammenarbeit und die Einblicke in die Spielentwicklung.

- Fiona Rochholz und Franziska Wankmüller, Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg

Gentle Troll hat unsere Anforderungen und oftmals kurzfristigen Änderungswünsche sehr schnell und kreativ umgesetzt. Das Endergebnis begeistert nicht nur unser Team, sondern das ganze LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur und viele Besucher:innen.

- Leonie Boer, LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur

Wir wollten Menschen über ein Spiel erleben lassen, wie verschieden man mit einer Sehbehinderung sieht. Gemeinsam haben wir das Ganze von unseren ersten vagen Ideen bis zum fertigen Spiel immer wieder gedreht, gewendet und ergänzt. Es war toll dabei zu sein, wie das Spiel wuchs und die Details dazukamen. Wir finden, es ist ein richtig tolles Spiel herausgekommen.

- Barbara Braun, Woche des Sehens

Gentle Troll hat die große Herausforderung perfekt gemeistert, ein spaßiges Lernspiel zu dem für viele wenig spannenden aber doch wichtigen Thema Cybersecurity zu entwickeln. Die Zusammenarbeit war eine Freude, so viel Kreativität und zugleich Professionalität. Das Ergebnis übertrifft unsere Erwartungen!

- Kathrin Jaenicke, Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Gentle Troll Entertainment habe ich immer als sehr engagiert, kreativ und mit hoher Eigeninitiative erlebt. Wirklich top! Man merkt es dem Planspiel an, dass das Team das Projekt mit Herzblut umgesetzt hat.

- Miriam Winkhardt-Möglich, MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung

Wir haben uns mit Gentle Troll Entertainment die Profis in diesem Bereich mit ins Boot geholt. Von der Konzeption bis zum fertigen Spiel war die Zusammenarbeit professionell und verlief reibungslos . Unsere Erwartungen an das fertig entwickelte Produkt wurden komplett erfüllt!

- Benjamin Schwarz, BRAND

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Gentle Troll Entertainment war von Anfang an geprägt durch offene Kommunikation und kreative Ideen. Das Projekt verlief reibungslos und wir sind hochzufrieden mit dem Ergebnis!

- Julia Weber, BWHM

Wir erleben Gentle Troll stets als kreativen und zuverlässigen Partner für Spieleentwicklung. Die angenehme und zielgerichtete Zusammenarbeit hat schon viele unserer Projekte in erfolgreiche Bahnen gelenkt.

- Marc Widmer, LerNetz

Gentle Troll zeichnete sich in der Zusammenarbeit mit uns durch ihre zuverlässige und transparente Arbeitsweise aus. Das Team war hoch motiviert, gut organisiert und schnell erreichbar.

- Jenni Aßmann, CARLSEN Verlag GmbH