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Zug in Sicht

In a nutshell

Buying a ticket, finding the way to the right track, catching the train on time - all this is no problem for you? But what does it look like if you have an impaired vision? Find out if you can make the parkour through the train station in the learning game "Zug in Sicht". The game was developed by Gentle Troll on behalf of the initiative "Woche des Sehens".

Especially with increasing age, people develop diseases such as glaucoma (leading to failures at the edge of the visual field), cataracts (generally blurred vision) or a macular degeneration (central visual field failure). With the latter, orientation in a room is still possible, but it is increasingly difficult to read and recognize faces.

With the Serious Game "Zug in Sicht", players can experience the effects of three different visual impairments. Players can see with which challenges visually impaired people are confronted to overcome everyday challenges such as going on a train ride.

How do I find my way through a station with a "tunnel view"? How can I operate a ticket machine if my vision is very blurred? How do I get past passers-by if I can't see anything exactly where I'm looking?

If you want to know how easy or difficult it is to cope with these restrictions in everyday life, you should play the Game "Zug in Sicht". The game is aimed at all age groups and was developed by Gentle Troll for the "Week of Sight" initiative.

Zug in Sicht

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    Simulation Game

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    Woche des Sehens