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About us

We believe, games still hold vast uncovered potential to convey valuable information to players. We aim to use this potential for the better! That's why we have focused on making games, which explain complex correlations through play. They invite players to experiment, allowing them to reflect on their experiences and make their own deductions.

Longterm cooperation and partnerships are key to our work. Whenever projects get big or resources get tight we flexibly stack up our team with hand selected specialists from our well groomed network of seasoned developers and artists. This way, we ensure you get the best product possible while keeping the project on schedule.


  • LerNetz

    LerNetz AG focuses on the didactical conception and implementation of electronic learning media and blended learning concepts for companies and schools. In addition, LerNetz offers communication services in the field of education.

  • Sophisticates

    Sophisticates crafts custom web applications. While they provide us with backend-related software and services, we support them developing unique user interfaces and experiences.

  • Universität Würzburg

    University of Würzburg, chair of Human-Computer Interaction

  • Universität Ulm

  • HTW Berlin

    Creative Media Research and Development Group of HTW Berlin