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Simulation Games for Students

In a nutshell

School can do more than just provide specialist knowledge! In two computer-aided simulation games of MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung students can train and test their social and personal skills as well as their problem-solving skills in simulated situations. Gentle Troll gave the learning games an attractive look and developed graphics, illustrations and animations of characters and the environment.

Many social, emotional and methodological skills are needed in life and in the workplace. Therefore, schools should not only impart specialist knowledge but also pass on competences with which pupils can master situations in everyday life and at work. In two simulation games of MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung pupils can test those competences based on simulated situations. The students decide for themselves which solution they choose.

Skills such as social, methodical and individual competences are tested which the students can show in very different scenarios (dialogues, e-mail correspondence, completion of tasks).

Gentle Troll developed the background graphics as well as the illustrations and animations of the different characters for the two scenarios "Setting up a video channel" (10 to 15 year olds) and "Event Manager" (15 to 19 year olds). Among others, the students can create their individual avatar.

Game facts