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Space Transporters - The Secret Supercell Mission

In a nutshell

How can students learn to deal with scarce resources and understand the economic principle? This is possible with the new Escape Game "Space Transporters" that Gentle Troll has developed in cooperation with Joachim Herz Stiftung.

In the Escape Game "Space Transporters - The Secret Supercell Mission" students play the role of a spaceship crew that has to fulfill an important mission on their journey: They transport valuable "supercells" from a research planet to Earth.

To make progress and pass the mission, the students must use the supercells and work together to solve various tasks. But time is scarce and space pirates are hot on their heels.

Managing scarce time and resources is one of the central challenges in this educational game. In six different rooms, the players deal with basic economic assumptions such as scarcity, opportunity costs, and the economic principle.

The Escape Game "Space Transporters" is aimed at students (classes 7 to 9) at general education schools and was designed for a double school lesson. It is suitable as an introduction to the economic topic and includes an accompanying lesson for development.

Game facts

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    Escape Game

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  • Client:

    Joachim Herz Stiftung