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Interactive Installation

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Experiencing the real life of people in the Stone and Bronze Ages is now possible with brand-new interactive installations in the Archeology Museum Bad Königshofen. For the reopening of the Museum in 2019, four stations were developed on behalf of the architect's office Space4 and show the lives of the people in former times. The interactive stations complete the real exhibits and simulate historical conditions.

Time-consuming, physical work – that's what people's lives looked like during the Stone and Bronze Ages. But how can we imagine that as modern humans? With four interactive installations in the Archeology Museum Bad Königshofen visitors can now experience the life of the people in former times.

Skill, strength and stamina were needed to make a bronze ax. The simulative station "bronze casting" with two levers makes it clear how difficult it was to cast the bronze with the simplest means at the right temperature. With the station "house construction" visitors can design a building from the Neolithic period. Bridges, however, were futuristic, so people used ferries to transport goods, livestock or people. That such a ride was not only wet, but dangerous shows the station "ferry". The simulation "ceramics" shows the elaborate work of the archeologists to reconstruct two ceramic vases from a pile of shards.

All interactive installations are based on Space4's corporate design and look of the museum. Three stations connect the interactive game with the necessary hardware. The wheel for moving the ferry and the levers for the cast bronze are equipped with magnets, which are detected by very sensitive sensors to illustrate the principle. The game “house construction” is played via buttons. The interactive applications, which are not pure games, provide variety and bring history to life.

Interactive Installation

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