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Fairweather Getaways

In a nutshell

The beautiful land of Asteria is full of magic and mystery where everyone lives a peaceful life and where you make everyone happy with your travel agency. ...Until hard times arise. Here begins the story of our second Entertainment Game "Fairweather Getaways". The prototype receives funding by the BMVI.

For many years magical and non-magical animals lived a peaceful life side by side in the faraway land of Asteria. In the little town of New Haven you have a little profitable travel agency where you make your customers happy. But times change and voices rise against all who are different and gifted with magic. Many want to escape oppression and persecution.

They need your help - join the resistance or become the regime's puppet.
Make money - and survive with your travel agency while hard times arise.
Use your own magic - to change your customer's fate...
... and save the magic in Fairweather Getaways!

Gentle Troll is currently working on the prototype of "Fairweather Getaways". The prototype receives federal funding by the BMVI within the national game funding program. More details can be read here (German only).

Fairweather Getaways

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    Management Game

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