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In a nutshell

Many students play basketball, football or volleyball in their free time and also in sports classes. However, accidents often occur during these sports. In cooperation with other project partners, the Ulm University is carrying out several studies to find out which measures might help to reduce the risk of such accidents. The web-based 2D game "Basketball Training Manager", developed by Gentle Troll, will support these studies.

In "Basketball Training Manager", the students act as captain of their basketball team. They draw up training plans, manage practice games, and do matches against other teams in order to advance in rank. As captain, they are acting as a player as well. With every match and every training round, the team members gain experience and improve their skills. A good mixture of balanced training, practice games, and competitions helps the players to progress. Nevertheless, injuries can occur. During the match, the students learn not only to correctly assess the risk of an injury but also how to prevent it.

The 2D game is designed to prevent accidents in ball games by raising the risk awareness for accidents among pupils. It is particularly important to implement realistic game and injury situations in order to change the risk behavior within and outside of sports lessons. The game is aimed at pupils aged between 13 and 15 years and, once completed, should be suitable for use in school lessons and at home.

The project is currently under development. Further news will be announced here.
The evaluation can be read here (German only):


Game facts

  • Genre:

    Simulation Game

  • Platform:


  • Release:

    Mid 2021

  • Client:

    Ulm University