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In a nutshell

The bus simulation „Sensigame“ was developed in cooperation with Lernetz for Swiss PostBus Ltd. The game raise awareness of the passengers among observant and considerate behavior on public transport.

Imagine you are a bus driver and it is your duty to keep your bus on time and your passengers happy - and in control: Some block each other's way, some leave their garbage on the seats and others even set them on fire. And of course, everybody wants to sit in their favorite (clean and not burning!) seats.

Sounds like a challege? Sure does! That's why Swiss PostBus Ltd. walked up to LerNetz with the demand to create a game, which confronts the player with the daily challenges PostAuto are facing on their long distance busses and, thus, improve the player's own behavior.

As LerNetz's game development partner, Gentle Troll happily assisted in desigining the concept and, eventually, created the multilingual game as a Canvas based HTML5 cross-platform application, which not only runs on all major desktop and mobile browsers, but was also published for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the specific stores.


Game facts

  • Genre:


  • Platform:

    (mobile) Browser, iOS, Android

  • Released:

    June 2014

  • Client:

    LerNetz AG