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August Macke Kidditorial

In a nutshell

Learning more about art and Expressionism is now possible with the digital August Macke Kidditorial of the LWL Museum of Art and Culture. And what better way to do that than by playing? Gentle Troll has developed three different mini-games for the Kidditorial, which visitors can play on the museum’s website.

August Macke's work is characterized by bright colors and light. In three mini-games that the LWL Museum of Art and Culture has made available on its website, young and old visitors can now immerse themselves in the artist's work. In particular, a trip to Tunis with the two artist friends Paul Klee and Louis Moilliet had a great impact on August Macke and his artistic work, but also his relationship with his later wife Elisabeth.

In the jump'n'run game "Reise nach Tunis", players can now go on a journey themselves, prove their dexterity and be inspired by colors and shapes.
In "Liebe Lisbeth," players help find the way to August Macke's great love.
One of August Macke's most famous works is "Sonniger Weg". In the mini-game "Farbspiele," players can now color the work themselves and compare it with the original.

The digital kidditorial and the three mini-games make it possible to immerse oneself in the art of August Macke, to create and playfully experience what art means and how August Macke's works were created.
The three minigames are aimed at players between the ages of 8 and 12.

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