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MoneyFit 2

In a nutshell

The browser game „Moneyfit 2“ was developed in cooperation with Lernetz for Postfinance, Switzerland and communicates sustainable dealing with limited resources like performance power, time and money in a playful manner.

Over the last months we've created a game in cooperation with LerNetz for the MoneyFit platform run by Postfinance, Switzerland.

The game aims to train the player's resource management skills by having her choose from a growing stack of resource consuming and attribute boosting activity cards while she works up her way to become a talented and famous star. To play MoneyFit 2 you need to register for free.

MoneyFit 2

Game facts

  • Genre:


  • Platform:

    (mobile) Browser

  • Released:

    July 2015

  • Client:

    LerNetz AG