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Spaceburgers - Journey to Green Haven

In a nutshell

What do burgers have to do with cybersecurity? Players can find out in the learning game "Spaceburgers - Journey to Green Haven" which Gentle Troll developed for the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern. The ever-hungry crew of the I.S.S. Hamsterprise tries to outwit the canteen chef with all kinds of tricks to get more food. Training in cybersecurity is needed to bring the crew of the animaliens safely to their destination Green Haven.

Spam e-mails, phishing, false password requests, requests for sensitive data, malware - everyone is confronted with these topics in everyday life. How do we best react to such cyber attacks? Without boring quizzes the Serious Game "Spaceburgers - Journey to Green Haven" teaches security measures and behavior towards e-mails and people who try to get hold of sensitive personal data or cause damage.

The players act as canteen chefs who serve tasty spaceburgers to the six constantly hungry crew members of the I.S.S. Hamsterprise that are on their journey to the planet Green Haven. The food rations are scarce, the hunger all the greater. Therefore, the animaliens try to get more burger rations by all means: Burgers are stolen from the canteen, food tickets are reported lost, the canteen chef is blackmailed, and the captain's personal information is requested. Time is running out as the players have to hurry to read the captain's instructions, answer questions from the hungry crew members and supply the animaliens with spaceburgers. Password security, data backup and caution with phishing mails are quickly forgotten.

The development of the game was great fun for the whole team. Most important was to integrate all the cybersecurity topics specified by the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern into the game mechanics and to ensure an all-round exciting and entertaining gaming experience at the same time. The game is aimed at companies that want to deal with the topic of cybersecurity and train their employees. With a total playing time of 10 minutes employees can play "Spaceburgers" during a short break and learn something for their everyday office life.

Spaceburgers - Journey to Green Haven

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