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Klim:S 21

In a nutshell

Climate change is already noticeable in many places. How can we imagine the climate impact? What measures can be undertaken to reduce damage from climate change in different regions? This is shown by the serious game "Klim:S21" which Gentle Troll developed for the Research Group of Earth Observation (rgeo).

The consequences of global climate change are already visible in Germany in many ways. With the learning simulation "Klim:S 21", students are made aware of the consequences of climate change. They learn about region-specific adaptation measures and that individual decisions of single stakeholders can have a significant consequence on the impact of regional climate change.

The focus of the game is an authentic and entertaining learning experience, based on scientific facts. In five different play spaces, young people can learn how climate events affect them and what measures can be undertaken to protect different regions. They can choose between three levels: weak, medium, and strong climate change trend.

This game is meant for use in school, while teachers can use the additional teaching materials. Apart from students, the game is also aimed at teachers and parents, as well as an interested public.

The serious game was developed by Gentle Troll as part of the Kli:b project. The didactic conception was the responsibility of rgeo . The project Kli:b (“Facing climate change interactively”) is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.

More Information

The Digital Game Culture Foundation organized the conference "One Planet Left" in 2022. The focus was on the question whether serious games can help to better understand and fight the climate crisis.

The WDR published an audio report about it: "Play against Climate Crisis"