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The Unstoppables

In a nutshell

„The Unstoppables“ is an award-winning mobile game, letting the player experience the challenges handicapped people face every day. Only by a smart combination of the different character abilities the tricky puzzles can be solved.

When her guide dog gets stolen in bright daylight, Melissa and her friends turn into The Unstoppables, four super heroes with special skills and powers each bearing a weekness:

They all have a handicap to deal with in every day life such as blindness, cognitive impairment or being chairbound, but in this dire hour they unite their powers to concertedly overcome these constraints and make their way through challenging puzzle parcours and track down the mysterious thief.

"The Unstoppables" is an award-winning 2D adventure mobile game Gentle Troll produced in collaboration with LerNetz AG for Cerebral - Swiss Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy. It has been translated into German, French and English and is already available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Unstoppables

Game facts

  • Genre:


  • Platform:

    iOS, Android

  • Released:

    May 2015

  • Client:

    LerNetz AG


  • TOMMI 2015 2nd place
    Category: "Best Apps"
  • Best of Swiss Apps 2015 Silver
    Category: "Games"
  • Pädi 2015 Winner
    "Apps for Children"
  • GIGA-Maus 2015 Nomination
  • Animated Games Award Germany 2017 Nomination & Special Mention


  • «Die kosten- und werbefreie Rätsel-App ist ein echter Schatz!»

  • «[...] Du musst immer gucken wer nützt dir wann was und das ist oft knifflig, muss ausprobiert werden aber es ist nie zu schwer. [...] (Die App) bekommt von mir 6 von 6 Kakadus.»

  • «Gute kostenlose Spiele an sich sind ja schon selten, gute kostenlose Spiele für Kinder aber eine absolute Rarität. Das Rätselspiel The Unstoppables der Schweizer Stiftung Cerebral ist so eine Perle.»

    Stephan Keller