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In a nutshell

After 6 years of building a sustainable business creating Serious Games, we now turn towards making high-quality entertainment games for PC & console. Underdown is our first big entertainment title we are currently working on. The prototype was financially supported by the FFF Bayern.

In our first entertainment title "Underdown" we aim to combine a strong emotional journey told through the development of our unique characters with individual strategic stealth gameplay. It puts the emphasis on outwitting your opponents rather than overwhelming them with sheer physical strength.

In “Underdown” the four young outsiders Nick, Alex, Vincent and Selma stumble upon an unsettling truth in the town's mining tunnels. There, a reckless corporation is mining for a mysterious energy source. As a loved one goes missing after an implausible cave-in, there is no question the four friends will set out to find them in the mine tunnels.

The further they venture into the depths of the mountain, the more they get aware of the danger and they realize that their rescue mission turns into a life-threatening trip into darkness.
Only through clever planning, manipulation and distraction can they escape the company’s clutches and discover the truth behind the accident.

Will the four friends be able to withstand the threats of the “Underdown” and escape to safety?


Game facts

  • Genre:

    turn-based stealth game

  • Platform:


  • Release:

    Q3 2022