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In a nutshell

After 6 years of building a sustainable business creating Serious Games, we now turn towards making high-quality entertainment games for PC & console. Underdown is our first big entertainment title we are currently working on. The prototype was financially supported by the FFF Bayern.

"Underdown" is a turn-based tactical mystery thriller in which four young outsiders develop extraordinary skills as they delve deep into the tunnels of an old mine in search of their lost friend. There, in the depths of the mountain, a private, well-funded biotech company experiments with a mysterious force whose influence gradually changes the teenagers' abilities and minds.

Only with evasion, distraction and manipulation do the players progress and experience a story of friendship, sacrifice, and growth combined with a dark and gloomy atmosphere.
Through the development of the four characters, "Underdown" combines a strong emotional journey with individual strategic stealth gameplay, where the emphasis is on outwitting the opponent rather than overpowering him with mere physical strength.

Game facts

  • Genre:

    turn-based stealth game

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