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In a nutshell

MeisterPOWER is a craftsmanship simulation that was developed in cooperation with the university of Ulm (faculty ‘Serious Games’). Its goal is to teach pupils useful skills from the school subject of ‘economy’ of the German state of Baden Württemberg. MeisterPOWER has been nominated for "Best Serious Game" at the prestigious German Video Game Awards 2018.

Players take on the role of a craftsman (or -woman) who has just started his or her own business. Being able to chose between three different crafts, their goal is to build up their company, hire and manage employees, create sensible calculations, and to order and store required tools and materials. If resources are managed wisely, up to six construction sites can be worked on simultaneously. As the company expands and grows bigger, it is crucial to maintain a high standard of quality to keep a good reputation, while at the same time not forgetting about costs and expenses.

In a total of ten challenging scenarios, pupils learn about a variety of economical challenges that businesses face. Teachers are able to dynamically track the progress of their students in an online backend, to make sure everybody understands and does not get stuck.

In a second step, the educational effect on students is being scientifically assessed and analysed by the university of Ulm.

Game facts

  • Genre:


  • Platform:

    (mobile) Browser

  • Released:

    September 2017

  • Client:

    BWHM GmbH