Imagine you are a bus driver and it is your duty to keep your bus on time and your passengers happy - and in control: Some block each other's way, some leave their garbage on the seats and others even set them on fire. And of course, everybody wants to sit in their favorite (clean and not burning!) seats. Sounds like a challege? Sure does! That's why Swiss PostBus Ltd. walked up to LerNetz with…

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Power Planner

„Power Planner“ is an educational game about the challenges the renewable energy sector is facing. The game was developed with our partner LerNetz for ABB Switzerland, one of the largest builders of Swiss power plants and is intended for use in Swiss school classes. It conveys the player, that the energy consumption is subject to heavy demand fluctuation depending on the time of day and peoples' rou…

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System Blue

„System Blue“ aims to sensitize the player to the problems of distributing scarce water resources in less developed countries. It puts the player in charge of supplying various consumers with the precious liquid. But not all of them can be supplied at the same time. Consequently, the player must ensure a fair and sustainable water distribution by controlling valves that redirect it to each dem…

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