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Welcome Gentle Troll Entertainment! Based on some 12 years of know-how we design and create your Serious Game for Web, PC and mobile devices.

We believe, games still hold vast uncovered potential to convey valuable information to players. We aim to use this potential for the better! That's why we have focused on making games, which explain complex correlations through play. They invite players to experiment, allowing them to reflect on their experiences and make their own deductions. At the same time, we avoid a wagging finger and emphasize on engaging gameplay instead to catalyze learning without removing fun, an important motivator. How does that works? Why not have a look at our award-winning mobile game "The Unstoppables" and see for yourself?

Are you sharing our vision and looking for a team to pour your concern into a Serious Game or Next Reality (VR / AR) application? Then, please, get in touch! We are eager to find out how we can help you best.



We were offered the fantastic opportunity to write up a development case study about our award-winning game „The Unstoppables“ for the internationally known Making Games magazine. Pick one up to catch a glimpse behind the curtains at Gentle Troll! (German reading skills recommended ;))


One of the first MeisterPOWER classroom playtests has received fantastic coverage by one of Germany's major craft-focused magazines. The article reflects pupils were engaged and learned valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and handicraft business. Mission accomplished! :)
Image © BWHM GmbH


It's here: our latest large-scale project, MeisterPOWER, is finally available! The Serious Game has been specifically designed for German school teaching and the learning progress is being scientifically measured by the University of Ulm – another huge achievement in the history of Gentle Troll!


We are very proud to announce that our English learning App Conni Englisch was picked by a jury of children and has won the 2nd place in the category "Best Apps" at the TOMMI software awards.


Very good News!

Our English Learning app “Conni Englisch” has received the GIGA-Maus award in the category “best learning game for children between 6 and 10 years”.
We’re proud and happy to win this award in view of the strong competitors! 😉


Our co-worker Moritz Krohn and his group "Bacteria Basejump" has won the Health-Hackathon with a simulation game which focus on the behaviour of antibodies in case of a pneumonia. Congratulations!


We are happy to announce "Conni Englisch" is nominated for the GIGA-Maus awards 2017.

Keep fingers crossed!


While we're still tinkering on the redesign of our website, we've just released a German version today for your convenience.

If you speak German, that is.


Our baby, "The Unstoppables", was nominated among four other very impressive games at yesterdays Animated Games Award Germany in Stuttgart.

Being aware of the strong lineup, we were more than happy and surprised to receive a Special Mention as a jury joker to honor the way we portrayed people with disabilities within the game. Thank you so much!


Today, "Conni Englisch" an English learning app for German speaking children we build for Carlsen Verlag has touched ground on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Have a look!


  • New


    • scientific evaluation
    • made for schools

    This craftsmanship simulation teaches pupils useful skills from the school subject of ‘economy’ of the German state of Baden Württemberg. More...

  • Awards

    Conni Englisch

    • learning english
    • Conni

    A contract work for Carlsen Verlag, this app offers German speaking children an easy entry into the English language. Three games playfully introduce around 60 words in spelling and pronunciation. More...

  • Awards

    The Unstoppables

    • inclusion
    • puzzles
    • adventure

    „The Unstoppables“ is an award-winning mobile game, letting the player experience the challenges handicapped people face every day More...

  • like2be

    • gender diversity
    • job placement
    • simulation

    „like2be“ aims to dissolve gender specific stereotypes related to jobs while teaching juveniles about lesser known career paths and life concepts of the modern working world. More...

  • Awards

    The Wunderglasses

    • hand painted
    • interactive
    • fantastical

    In the children‘s book app „The Wunderglasses“ the reader can put on a magic pair of glasses and watch the world of little Max turn into a whacky interactive adventure. More...

  • Awards

    MoneyFit 2

    • handle money
    • planning simulation

    The browser game „MoneyFit 2“ teaches the player, intending to become a superstar, the sustainable use of limited resources such as his personal energy and money. More...

  • Sensigame

    • passenger
    • compliance
    • simulation

    The cross platform bus simulation "SensiGame" sensitizes passengers to considerate behavior on public transport. More...

  • Power Planner

    • alternative energy
    • planning simulation

    „Power Planner“ is an educational browser game about the challenge of delivering a fitting energy supply from (weather dependent) renewable sources for a fluctuating consumer demand curve. More...

  • System Blue

    • water shortage
    • simulation

    The multilingual browser game „System Blue“ aims to sensitize the player to the problems of distributing scarce water resources in less developed countries. More...

What our clients say

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Gentle Troll Entertainment war von Anfang an geprägt durch offene Kommunikation und kreative Ideen. Das Projekt verlief reibungslos und wir sind hochzufrieden mit dem Ergebnis!

- Julia Weber, BWHM

Wir erleben Gentle Troll stets als kreativen und zuverlässigen Partner für Spieleentwicklung. Die angenehme und zielgerichtete Zusammenarbeit hat schon viele unserer Projekte in erfolgreiche Bahnen gelenkt.

- Marc Widmer, LerNetz

Gentle Troll zeichnete sich in der Zusammenarbeit mit uns durch ihre zuverlässige und transparente Arbeitsweise aus. Das Team war hoch motiviert, gut organisiert und schnell erreichbar.

- Jenni Aßmann, CARLSEN Verlag GmbH